Saturday, December 05, 2009

Talk Thursday: We Are Glass

I’m a half full kind of person, always trying to look at the positive side of things, finding the silver lining, learning the lesson, growth. Glass half full. Oh wait, Don said, “We are the glass. Duh!

Apparently I am an open book: transparent as daylight and as obfuscated as Depression glass. That’s probably because I’m an emotional female. While I’m hard to pin down (it’s that ever changing, growing thingie I’ve got going on) on a topic, my emotions and heart are right on my sleeve leaving me wide open for the world to see and read. It’s not my intent (unlike Madonna I don’t believe the world is entitled to have my point of view shoved down its collective throats) my view point is mine alone, gleaned from a variety of sources, viewpoints, pondered, smelted, forged, and polished into being with the emery cloth of constant change. Don’t get me wrong I love a good debate, but give me facts and reason and you could sway my position. Am I wishy washy? No, but I do realize that few things are stone solid constant. Even granite and marble fissure and change under the test of weather and time. And so am I.

From sand and fire glass is born; I just came from my mommy and my daddy in the back seat of a Rambler, I think. Nothing spectacular, but then again while I’m a nester with deep roots I don’t think I am boring. On the other hand I’m not a Pandora’s box of entertainment and conundrums either. Think of a hand blown glass float, simple in design, strong yet brittle, fused solid, scattered by force, in fire its re-forged – in its renewal becoming eternal, the Phoenix of renewable resources. On the other hand I am strong of will and constitution. Pliable, limber, and agile in youth and prime I grow brittle in old age, but continue to hold and absorb the knowledge I pour in. My will is fused with strength and the determination to be the best I can be, solid in my presence. Force may shatter my peace, but cannot scatter my resolution. And when I am done, it is gone. Ashes to Ashes – Dust to Dust. My energy will move on, my ashes will add salt and acidity to the environment, and here I will be no more, but maybe just an orb.



Sideon said...


Solid three-pointer on this, Cele. I'm still picking my chin up.

Anonymous said...

Who misses Cele? I do, that's who. . .