Thursday, November 26, 2009

Talk Thursday: Appreciate, Validate, Communicate

Yes, I took the concept from John Edward. But as a person who has been loved, is loved, will be loved – all the while I have been giving love, isn’t it important that I communicate that love? Isn’t it important that I let the people in my life know that I appreciate who they are, what they are in my life? For because of them, there is a part of me that is. Yes, it’s that important and it’s that simple.

Far too many people take for granted the love in their lives. The kind words, efforts, and acts that make our lives richer never realizing how swift, unexpected, and finale the end is until the end is reality past. Or worse they expect it as their own due, never knowing the arrogance and selfishness of their existance. While I fully believe we should talk to those who have left us, I firmly believe we need to start those conversations on this plane. I never want to be the person who moans and weeps in self-pity, “I never had a chance to say good bye. I never had a chance to tell him I love him. I never had a chance to say thank you.”


Every parting to me is full. Full of love, full of thanks, full in my heart. I hope my words and actions convey to you my sincere intent upon our parting until the next time we shall be together. Please know I love you, I give you a “peace” of my heart, and hold our memories and spirit in reverence and joy to be unfolded, petted, and savored at unexpected moments. You are a part of my journey, sharing of yourself to be folded into me, footsteps towards who I am becoming. Never, please never, doubt your worth in my heart and in my life - For I am truly blessed to have you.



Sideon said...

This is so lovely, Cele.

Know you are loved as well.

I have no idea how I'll tackle this topic. Zippo images or ideas, 'cuz I'm still glowing from your post.

Cele said...

Sid my dear you are awesome, loved, an awesome loved member in the family of my heart.

foundinidaho said...

Do you know how happy I am that you came to my blog?

Very. I learn lots from you all the time.