Sunday, October 04, 2009

Talk Thursday: Castaways

I have this increasingly long list of blogs I peruse, some I actually get to read, everyday. But now I am whittling down my bloglist. Why? Because people don’t blog anymore, I’m not sure why, maybe it really is the Facebook thing. I have a Facebook page, but mostly I just play Farkle there. I’m really don’t care about the surface floss that gets posted on Facebook. I want deeper comment and thought the stuff blogs are usually made of.

So the list of blogs posted to the left, er that’s to the right (I’m left right challenged) is being added to and taken from.

The current list of castaways includes, “they never write anymore.”

Karin Tabke - she’s a delightful writer, but I’m just not there anymore
Jennifer Lyons - I don’t care if they are wing slayer worthy, it’s just not readable anymore
Murder She Writes – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Wrycatcher – it’s too heartbreaking she doesn’t post anymore
Jazzy – she hasn’t had free time in months (January was her last post)
Pomp – she hasn’t posted … here … since December, thank heavens this isn’t the only way to keep up with her
Reluctant Writer – Okay I get the point, Ironic don’t you think.

Recently I added –

Burp’s Adventures In Kidsland (come on mom get him to write)
Lucid’s - Lucid Dreamer (he joined Talk Thursday)
Maya’s – A Day In The Life
Psam’s – Rants, Thoughts, and other Crap (I added her to Talk Thursday)

There is still hope for a few of the blogs I have long followed, but rarely post, I really don’t’ want to cast them aside yet. Please come back Jake and SisterMaryLisa.

So, why have I been gone? This is why…

We just spent a week in Vegas. Blog and pictures to come.


foundinidaho said...

That is a beautiful picture. Like I said, I love Vegas. Can't wait to see pics.

Word verification is "bless". Weird but good.

Maya said...

I'm glad to be among the "still approved" list!

Cele said...

Fii, I am hoping my pictures turn out, but I won't know until next Monday (I always get a CD and in the boonies that takes forever.)

Maya, the approved list, honey you blog all the time, I love it. It breaks my heart when I've enjoyed reading somebody and then they quit blogging. It's like shutting a light off and losing a friend.

Steven said...

Glad to see that I have not been added to that list given my absence as of late. But also glad to be making a return. :-) I want pictures of the tattoo!! ;-)