Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sin City

It is now a warm memory, except for the blister remnants, a lost roll of film, and grainy photos. I'm kind of bummed, I may shoot on Kodak film but the processor does a crappy job with their CD's. The hard pictures have great clarity and color, the disc, well you can see below the pictures are grainy. And I cleaned them up some. I'm bummed.
It had been a good forty years since I'd been to Vegas. It was worth the wait. And while you must see the Strip (especially the colors at night) I was much happier on the Fremont Experience.

Thursday night of our trip (yes, I will be giving you our vaction in reverse... sort of) we finally rode the Deuce to from the Golden Nugget to the Strip.

If you've seen anything on TV or in the movies about Vegas you know the shows on the strip are a must. And several of the night time shows in front of the casinos are free. We made sure we got off in front of Treasure Island so we could take in the pirate show.

The show sadly didn't live up to the hype. Definately worth the visit to down town, don't let it be the only thing you see on the strip.

And the foreigners, way rude. I was pushed, bumped, elbowed, and just about butt fucked to the point where I finally walked a step backward to get the guy behind me off my ass. He was literally body pressed to me as we minced our steps away from the viewing docks in front of Treasure Island. I am usually a non aggressive person, but forty five minutes on the strip I'd had my fill.

One Brit Idiot scoffed with down her nose distane, "No wonder they have terrible smog, it's all the firework smoke."
Lady, leave your money and go home.
We walked the short distance down to the Mirage for the Volcano's eruption. The fire action was hot and colorful. And I mean hot, you could have been scorched to cinders at our first two shows.

Sadly I didn't get pictures of the best show on the Strip, the dancing fountains of the Bellagio.

I could have watched all night long. But because I was shooting with my Macro I didn't get a good shot. Next time I go back I will have dinner at the Venetian and watch the dancing waters.

Ducky and I both thought the Bellagio show the best. Our performance was to Elton John's "Your Song" I understand the music changes nightly.

The Bellagio Fountains surpassed the hype.

Because we were staying at the Golden Nugget, the majority of our evenings were spent on the Fremont Experience. Billed as the World's largest television screen we enjoyed most of the hourly performances, but I especially liked Kiss and Queen; Ducky's favorite was Don McLean's American Pie.

Not all the bands were good, but one or two were exceptionally good, drew big crowds, and had people off all ages dancing in the street.

The five dollar margaritas weren't bad, but the seven dollar margaritas were pretty darn good.

I also tried to get a shot of the Golden Nugget's Shark Tank pool, but failed sadly.

We definately will go back, stay at the Golden Nugget and play the penny machines.



Maya said...

OK, so next time you'd better take pictures of those fountains!

foundinidaho said...

Were the seven dollar margaritas at the Golden Nugget? I stayed there years ago when Steve Wynn owned it and it was beautiful. Haven't been there since.

We're going to Vegas in May for the NASCAR race. Trying to figure out where to stay.

Cele said...

Maya - Next time I will definately get pictures of the fountains. I'm kind of bummed I didn't.

Fii- No the seven dollar margaritas were up at the top of the street, I want to say the casino was the California, but I can't remember. The five dollar ones were in front of the Fitzgerald.