Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Peace With The Prize

Wow, I guess this is what Republicans felt when we non-Republicans railed against Bush, his non-existent MWD’s, and his war. When we cried out at the insanity and self- importance Bush and his campaign of fear and hatred force fed all Americans and the world. Oh, wait, I still feel justified in my anger at his jump to war, the loss of thousands of young lives hoisted on the petards of oil, old men and the paranoia of the Republican leadership.

“They”, on the other hand, are crying out because 1) people should have an affordable health care plan that isn’t regulated and handicapped by almighty money grubbing insurance companies – “they” disagree. 2) Because Obama ran on a format of Bi-Partisan Government – “they” disagree. 3) Because holding detainees at Guantanamo Bay is illegal (I mean really, how would we deal with say Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or another istan who hold our soldiers in such conditions?) – of course “they” disagree, I mean c’mon folks “we are the United States Of America.” 4) Because the Nobel Committee awarded President Barack Obama this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Yeah, duh in outrage – “they” disagree.

While I know this will not happen I would like to see the collective “they” (okay, I’d accept them doing it one at time) step back for just a moment and consider the facts of the situation. Barack Obama did not mandate this award it is from an international committee of which he has a) no control over b) no congress with c) no membership in d) he did not lobby for this award and recognition from. An international committee which annually awards prizes to people who make a great strides in science, health, literature, economics, and yes, in peace.

Now you know I’m all for Barack Obama, did he deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? No, not yet. Someday he might, but no, he didn’t. He has, though, made great strides in his first year in office. How? (I know you are wondering where I am going with this) he’s made the US palatable in much of the world again. Bush in his eight year tenure create a world atmosphere of hatred, imbued with his and the Republican paranoid rhetoric, self-righteousness, self-justified temper-tantrums (because God knows and you do too that there was no physical evidence to base his truths and acts upon.) The world (minus one or two countries and world leaders who, imagine this, are not in office anymore) came to hate US (no that’s not too strong a word) remember the international travel warnings, even restrictions, for Americans to not travel to foreign ports just a year ago? No? You must be either senile or Republican, dude Google it.

While Barack Obama has not reunited the divided sides of this country, he has given US credibility again. Has he had to go back on some of his running formats? Yep, let’s get real because this is a real world and he’s learning that. But, overall he’s been true to himself with a whole- hearted desire to do his best for Americans and America.

Yesterday I listened to national news reports that mainly (okay completely) interviewed outraged Republicans type thinkers outraged that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. I got home to find, from a life long friend – who doesn’t recognize my political standings, an outraged email that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. The email was filled with pictures of our young service men armed in remote far- flung reaches of the world laying their lives on the line “to keep America safe.” Get real, Obama might have to keep them there, but he did not put them there. There is no basis for calling a soldier a “Peacekeeper” other than that is what Nato, the United Nation, and the US warmongers call SOLDIERS. Soldiers don’t make PEACE soldiers make war. And how does a 19 year old from Dubuque dying in Kandahar, the Peshwar, or Kirkuk equate to mine or your safety? It doesn’t.

Don’t give me the “Bush was responding to an act of war against our country,” argument because if that be the case why did he attack Afghanistan? When it was 15 Saudi nationals, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebonese, and 2 UAE nationals who attached the US? Why? Three letters & zillions of dollars – OIL. Folks Barack Obama might not be the president you voted for, but give him time to prove or disprove your doubts about his ability, vision, and determination as president of our country. He received the Nobel Peace Prize because he’s not George W. Bush. Get over it.



Maya said...

Hee! You get on your high horse girl!

Cele said...

High? It's more like a hobby horse with training wheels.

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foundinidaho said...

Yeah, I wanted to say "It's not like the man ran for the Nobel Prize, people!!!"

I think he was embarassed and that says a great deal for his character.

Cele said...

JulieAnn - thank ya sista!

Fii - His character is amazing. Tewkes had links to two really good columns from the Washington Post on her blog.