Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Things with photos

And oh look, it’s eleven. I decided to start doing Photo Friday to give me another inspiration for blogging each week. Well wouldn’t you know, they seem to always have topics I can't figure out. That is unless I shoot cars, car parts, and more cars. But because of Photo Friday it made me start carrying around my camera with me. Which lead to several pictures taken while I was out making sales calls last week in old town Florence.

I was able to spend a good portion of last Sunday working on my new cutting garden. It is slow going, the new solar fountain hasn’t been put into place, awaiting Ducky to make a pad to secure it against the wind and … thieves.

In the mean time Ducky’s Lily garden totally rocks. No lilies are blooming yet, that should happen in July and August, but the lupin are most beautimous. Pictures of those tomorrow. Today you get last weekend’s pictures of two of my three chain trees.

And my mother's wild iris to enjoy



Steven said...

Love your photos. Thanks for sharing. I NEED to do some more gardening and create an oasis in the back yard.

Maya said...

Pretty pretty! I've had a tough time with the last couple of Photo Friday challenges too and didn't enter anything. Maybe next week...

foundinidaho said...

Oooh, I love the wild iris. Can't wait to see the coast again!

Cele said...

Steve, thank you I love photographing flowers.

Maya, I thought photo Friday would be easier - but I did expect to be challenged...just not stumped.

Fii, I love iris too, I just wish I could grow the big iris, I have several and they just give me greens with no blooms.