Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talk Thursday – Saying Goodbye

I’ve been trying to remember how long Talk Thursday has been around, I’m fairly certain it’s about two years. Sacred Sister enlisted JA and I to play along with her and well that is the beginning. Then Sacred (my Valley Sista Surfer Chickie) moved on. Sad, I miss her.
Just as she was saying Adieu, Angie and then Sid were signing on. Sid recruited Eddie, Lyn Blossum, and Jenniphur and then JA was gone. Sadly we’ve not been able to recruit more people who want to share and address a topic each week. Please leave me a message if you’re interested… because I’m fairly certain we’re interested in you.

Now Angie is leaving us for her life. I hate when I come second to real life. Bummer dude. She’ll be missed, but the truth is she’s been saying good-bye for a while now. A single mom with a burgeoning life – that frankly, calls. I understand. Good luck and bonne vie, bonne sante, bons souhaits. No, I don’t speak French.

Strangely, yesterday afternoon I over heard a conversation being held loudly via cellphone that somewhat is connected to the topic; it might ring eerily familiar to events in your own past, it does in mine. To paraphrase what I heard

“I was so over her and going to break up, but she broke up with me first. I was devastated. I mean she dumped me, I was depressed for a good three weeks.”

Now what is wrong with this “Saying Goodbye” senario? It isn’t about the splitting up, it isn’t about being “so over” it is about being dumped.

Oh, I know the dumped end of breaking up. I think I broke up with boyfriends a whole three times, maybe four, could Keith get back to me on that? Scott was pretty pissed by my 14 year old daughter beat his ass at chess that I don’t think he noticed the break up amid his temper tantrum. When I realized Steve was in actuality a stalker, who – yes folks, got that close to me, called me damaged goods for months. Being in radio isn’t without its draw backs…who needs a possessive stalker anyway? And then there was Greg. Damn that is the one that hurt, but I couldn’t take his drug problem around my daughter. As for all the rest they dumped me.

Dumping is nothing new to me, boy friends, girl friends, husbands – been there, done that – got the diploma. For all the dumping I am stronger, clearer minded, and self-dependent. Saying Good-bye isn’t an end, it is a new beginning, for you, for me, for those who move to new paths. For those moving into this path, welcome; to those moving on good luck.

After all life is about saying “Hello,” and “Good-bye.”



JulieAnn said...

he he he my captcha is GUVLFOR

I would like to re-join TT. Now...

I could use some juice. Email for next week.

JulieAnn said...

Oh and I loved your post. Sorry, on a laptop and feeling out of my zone....

Cele said...

Woo hoo JA's back, baby back.

errr yummm - Welcome - :)

Steven said...

Just remember that with those who move on, space is reserved for the new ones to join you in this thing called "life."

foundinidaho said...

Yep, sometimes it's hard for people to move on from you and then you realize they gave you the best gift ever. (Or, in some people's cases, they stalk you. I can semi-relate.)

JulieAnn said...

found--I can SO relate! LOL

Eh, Cele, how come my name isn't underlined all cool-like i your post? Eherm.

Where is the love....*sigh

Phoenix Touch said...

I didn't realize how long it has been since I actually posted a "real" blog until I spent this morning reading through all the blogs I have missed on the blogs I follow! WOW! Thank you for including me, once upon a time, in the Talk Thursday Troupe. I enjoyed my time playing with you.
With love,