Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Talk Thursday: Shifting

How are you shifting? Because, really we are; as in I am, you are, we are. Unless you’re incapacitated in some form and then I hope you are shifting towards movement, health, and your future.

Lately I’ve noticed my personal shift in age. Gravity and misuse, good use, too used have resulted in boobs and butt(s – yes with as big as it is the plural should be applicable) moving south in a Michelin Man sort of way. What was once firm is now marshmallow fluffy. I’m trying to learn to live with this, but I’m not giving up, after binging on a box of Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls I get on my cross trainer for 25 minutes while watching, What Not to Wear. There is some sort of bug in my exercise for comfort food trade off calculations.

The bathroom cupboard of notions, potions, and lotions is getting bigger and deeper like the wrinkles and bags under my eyes. Side note: I was watching TV (what cable channel I forget) two weeks ago and noticed Shawna Christiansen in an Olay Regenerist Pro X commercial. Now you’re asking who is Shawna Christiansen? She was Psam’s best friend in grade school. Moved to Eugene and went in to modeling. She’s a beauty. And while I promote taking care of your skin early, ads attempting to make me believe that, at the age of 32, she’s in need of rejuvenating her radiant skin to it’s youthful appearance cracks me up. Her skin is flawless. It’s that beautiful toned Korean skin she was born with. Oh wait, it’s because she’s 32 and hasn’t bagged, sagged, or dragged yet. Hence, she maybe shifting towards middle age, but she hasn’t shifted towards middle age body by a long shot.

Are you shifting towards more leisure time? Maybe more gardening, three fishing dates a month instead of one a decade? How about more Frisbee time with the dog? Ha, ha if Arlo saw me throw a Frisbee he’d pee in fear and then run away. I try to shift more towards gardening… but I disagree with the weather, not the sun part but the 35 degree part, so my petunias need up rooting, while I have 40 daffodil bulbs that are peaking out of a number 86 paper bag.

Speaking of paper bags, I applaud the country’s shifting in green movement against brown (oh that sounded base) paper bags to reusable eco-bags. But shouldn’t we offer paper bags instead of non-biodegradable plastic bags? First they are biodegradable and second, they are from a renewable source. When I was in the hair business we had one company (Aveno?) who packaged their products in biodegradable bottles made of a corn cob product. Hurrah! But what happened, that was 20 years ago? Today, everything is bottled in plastic, not reusable glass, or biodegradable (they take three years to begin breaking down) corn plastics. And those awesome reusable-eco bags? I keep leaving the friggin’ things in my truck, on my couch, in my kitchen – I have them everywhere except with me when I am grocery shopping.

Okay, so I am shifting towards senior moments too… but I’m barely in my middle moments. Aren’t I?



Andrew said...

So you don't forget your ECOBAGS® in the future. We have a "Remember your ECOBAGS®" door hanger to help you remember. If you email me at I can tell you how to get some.


Cele said...

Andrew thank you for the tip. I can see it now I will have ecobag door hangers at work, at home, in my truck sitting on top of my ecobags. Besides populating the world in ecobags (I'm pretty certain I've bought about eight now, but it's early in the game) I will be populating the world in ecobag reminder door hangers. At least I will be populating the world with something I believe in.

Thank you for dropping by.

Steven said...

We have become too easily a nation of plastic. And now we are finally discovering its side effects, from overflowing landfills to water bottles that are poisoning us. Was it not San Francisco who recently banned the issuance of plastic bags by grocers? I thought that was great. We see too many of those bags that end up dangling from tree branches for months on end.

But a cute post on this shifting. The one thing I have noted as of late is the emergence of double chins. I have yet to fall victim. I hope that can be put off for some time.

Cele said...

Steve you have too athletic a body to worry about double chins. I'm thinking you are far, far off.

Americans need to think more about what they create, what they throw away, and what the destroy. We don't each have to be rabid environmentalist, but caring and doing make a big difference over apathy and doing nothing.