Thursday, September 18, 2008

Talk Thursday: Baby Steps

Talk Thursday – Baby Steps

It’s all about me. Life. My life. My journey in this life, the choices I make, the paths I take, the lessons I learn. This, very possibly, I learned early in life. Not before I was a nasty bitch of a teenager, but maybe in my late teens or early twenties.

Firm in my faith, I don’t believe that God does things to us. I think we do things to ourselves, other people do things to us, and damn, in the words of Forrest Gump, “Shit happens.” It’s all about the journey. I am firm in my belief that I am a survivor. This hasn’t been tested too greatly by the universe, but it has been tested by my relationships and choices in life. Just keep the snakes out of the scenario, and I am pretty much fine.

Wow, was I this fantastic way back when? Shit, I’m not fantastic now, but I’m working on it. I am not a know-it-all (my typoing skills will attest to that) but I do strive to be the best that I can be. When I was younger life hinged on me being liked, and yet over all I wasn’t liked much. I didn’t fit in, I was mostly a loner, and yet I wasn’t a loner. I trusted far too easy and hurt all too often in my early life trials.

Today, I am not one to make friends fast, burned far too often in yesterday year, I am a wee bit slower to glom on to the BFF train. But I know a kindred spirit pretty darn fast, and yes I do glom on to my friends to never let them go. Through baby steps in life I learned that true friends are forever, our spiritual family, the rest are just acquaintances. While my heart has been bruised by those who took and ran, I learned that I took too. I just didn’t run. I took, I stayed, I shared, I learned, I grew. Baby steps.

I may have not spoken to you in decades (ohmigod I can say for decades) but you, my friend, are still dear to my heart, essential to my existence, an eternal piece of who I am and my soul. Differences may have parted us, time may separate us, but you are still with me. Baby steps of where we have been, who we have known, and what we have survived make us who we are today. You helped form the me that I evolved into. Baby steps.

Several years ago I had my numbers done. I have master numbers it seems-- 33 / 11 / 2. All my life I’ve been told I possess a greater ability, a greater intuition, a gift. I think we are all in possession of greater abilities than we demonstrate, the ability to reach out and touch, to accomplish great things, to be a survivor and help others to survive. We possess the ability to rise above and see broader if we only open our eyes and start our baby steps with understand and an attempt to gain insight. And of course learn our life lessons.

When I leave this plane time, space, and difference will not separate us. In this universe we shall rejoice in our lessons and each other.

It’s all about my journey, which means it’s all about you.



firstpositionparallel said...

I glom on for life to my friends, too, not in the clingy way, but in the loyal to a fault way. We always pick up where we left off whether it's been years or days.

I knew I liked you the moment you stepped through Sid's door, and I've been glad we met ever since.

Cele said...

Jenniphur, you and your mom were very wonderful and welcoming to me, thank you. I have now the benefit of enjoy your friendship and insights in to life and experiences. Thank you.

afod said...

Well said, Cele! I learned all too quickly that those friends that I have known forever were never as close as those that I have known for only a few years after "coming out." It seems we all have that journey, but it is up to us to identify and recognize where we have been and where we are heading, which you have done well.

Cele said...

Well said Steve, well said.