Monday, August 11, 2008

Talk Thursday: What Now?

Deal with it! The great words of Sid. I’d been frustrated by Angie’s Talk Thursday topic “I’ve Got What I Wanted, Now What?” and that just won’t do. Why the frustration? Because, besides world peace and the safety and health of my family I really have no wishes, and that’s not bad.

Why? Because I’m that lucky. After three marriages I am married to a man who loves me back. My daughters are humanly wonderful, my grandson is the sunshine of my life, my dog stinks, and I have a great job. There is really nothing more I want. I am a content homebody with wonderful family and friends. And I will tell you a secret that only Ducky knows, I don’t have any fantasies.

My philosophy on fantasies is that once you put your fantasy into play it’s reality with cold hard clay feet. Fantasy rarely live up to their reality. And then what do you have? No fantasy, just mud.

Shocking, I know – EVERYONE has fantasies. But everyone else is also trying to keep up with the Jones, and when they buy the biggest flat screen on the block, Jim Bob Jones will just buy a bigger one and we end up with plasma screen envy. In my reality I would only envy that they can donate plasma and I can’t.

My sister has had a hot tub forever. I’ve always wanted one. In fact Ducky and I spent half of our first date in my sister’s hot tub. Then Ducky’s sister got a hot tub. And I thought darn they beat us to it (we’d been promising each other a hot tub for years.) We did finally get one this spring, and there folks ends my keeping up with the Jones. Thankfully the hot tub wasn’t a fantasy, it has been everything I expected it to be…and will be all year long…the cool life on the Oregon Coast.

Living at the north edge of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area it would be logical for us to have Quads or ATVs, but we don’t. Ducky’s sister and bro-in-law have ATV’s and a toy hauler. They are fun, they are spendy, and they can be used for a whole five months out of the year. Okay, some people go twelve months, but I am a fair weather person – to me a cold, rainy day is made for my woodstove, cocoa, and a good book – and later my hot tub. If Ducky really wanted an ATV I wouldn’t give him arguments. But to buy one just because they have one, I can’t go there.

I am content. Oh wait, I want more flowers. Lots of flowers for cutting, giving, smelling, and dead heading. Flowers for spring, summer, and fall. Flowers that will give other people flower envy. But your toys and keeping up with the Jones. Sorry just not my style. And I will deal with it.



Phoenix Touch said...

I am imaging, my dear friend, that you are even more magical than my mother. I believe your wishes are granted before you even know they are there... hence the beautiful marriage, the glorious lillies, the wonderful children, the sunshiny grandchild and the stinking dog. Sounds like a basket-full of wishes come true to me!

sideon said...

Flowers are a good thing.

To all those that warned me not to plant morning glory, I am very sorry. The blasted opportunists are everywhere. Oh, and the butterfly weed. There's a reason why "weed" is included in their title. This week I may get fed up to the point that many of the plants get uprooted.

Your cannas are doing fantastic, by the way!

Did I owe you any plant seeds?

Hugs hugs hugs!

Cele said...

Abgue, thank you, I like the thougth of being magical once in a while.

I will remember to not plant butterfly week, I have a butterfly bush...or two and it cracks me up that it's not called a weed. But darn they are so beautiful.