Thursday, May 01, 2008

Talk Thursday - It’s Tailored Made To Fit

It’s the place I made, carved out of nowhere with words, emotions, my truths and opinions on the world through my eyes. Built in hues of lush opinionated greens. Truthed in simple words, complex thoughts, and my love. Free to all, open to diversity, shut to hate.

It is populated with people who feel a connection, a kindred response to the words in which I have carved this nitch. They consider my words and thoughts, feast on my pictures of flowers and bears, smile at stories of my past that have led to what I have become. People, who drink in who I am and come back for more.

They are on my journey with me. Sharing of themselves, challenging my ideas, my ideals, my values, and offer up their own. Who shape my consciousness with their individual ness and collective presence. A rainbow of talented beings who, on another plane, wear bodies of each shape, hue, and intelligence; on this plane they shine forth in pure and healing brilliant auras of purple and white. Soaring in skies of blue, yellow, and gray. Then again walking realms of concrete and clay, light and night, and all that is between infrared and ultra violet.

They are happy, passionate, sad, and haunted. They are human and brave, weak and alone, seekers and finders, lovers and rejoicers of life. They are my friends, of like mind, my kindred souls, my extended family, the binders of my world. They make me complete and make the interenet home.



Anonymous said...

I think my heart just swelled to the point of bursting... and I may have had a blogging orgasm.

GORGEOUS poetry of the soul, here.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh . . . holy shit. This is one of the coolest pieces of prose I have ever read.

Yeah - my Talk Thursday sucks. I want to go back and change it. ;)

Cele said...

Oh sheesh Sid and I just had sex and I was absent for it.

Shin (I have to wrap myself around your name) Shiggy :) I liked your Talk Thursday piece, it made me stop and think. But I really loved your Labeling piece, I just finished reading it. Definate food for thought.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...
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J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Beautiful! You color my world in equally vibrating, pulsating, embracing hues. You make us complete, too, Cele. Thank you!

Phoenix Touch said...

*chivels and a sigh*

Damn, C! I love you! I am so glad I am here with you.


JulieAnn Henneman said...

Wow. Just wow.