Sunday, March 09, 2008

The One In Which I Cook

My passion lately has been the search for perfect Luscious Lemon Bars. One of my clients makes the most divine treats, beginning with Luscious Lemon Bars. But my freverent wish is to best her at her game.

(Side note: freverent or freverently are not real words. Personally I want to know why not? If...
Viewshed: the natural environment that is visible from one or more viewing points;
Nocebo: a harmless substance that when taken by a patient is associated with harmful effects due to negative expectations or the psychological condition of the patient;
Angolotti: pasta in the form of semicircular cases containing a filling (as of meat, cheese, or vegetables, are words why not freverant: a word I and many others have used for decades. Note I’ve never used Nocebo, Viewshed, or Angolotti althought the latter sounds delish [not a real word.])

Hers, Cindy at Mon Ami Gourment Deli & Antiques (Luscious Lemon Bars, not Angolotti,) are lemony, delicate, and sinfully divine. If you have a Luscious Lemon Bar recipe you think I would love, please bring it on.

But then a fortnight past, Debbie came up with a heart health recipe. Note Luscious Lemon Bars are not heart healthy. No this is a spendy (not a word) little vegetable dish that is out of this world. BTW did you note I love to eat? See hips for further support of this comment.

Asparagus officinales: Plant whose succulent young shoots are cooked and eaten as a vegetable.

Yum-Yum. You take one bunch of Asparagus, and oh look it’s just the right time of year to buy it too. Because who in there right mind will pay more than $1.99 a pound for it? Not Me. Last week it was $1.49 a pound, this week $2.99, good thing I bought two bunches last week.

You wash your asparagus (duh!)
Break off the woody ends (double duh!.)
Preheat oven to 425°
Coat baking dish with olive oil
Arrange washed cleaned spears in dish
Drizzle additional olive oil over spears
(Actually I just rolled the spears in the dish to coat them, make sure you get the tips)

Sprinkle with salt to season
And bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

The tips get slightly crunchy, oh divine (apparently my word for the week) Ducky’s not hot on asparagus, so more for me, he can have my meat.

Bon Appetite!


Phoenix Touch said...

I LOVE asparagus. And, ironically enough, my extremely picky daughter will eat an entire bundle herself, with shrimp scampi on the side. We went to Red Lobster for dinner last night. They had a new side substitute: seasoned asparagus. We thought we had died and gone straight to heaven.

Anonymous said...

I do a similar thing with asparagus, but I sprinkle 1 tsp each of garlic powder, powdered ginger and sugar on them. Then I stick them under the broiler. The sugar carmelizes a little, and the ginger gives it a bit of an Asian cuisine flair. Yummy!!!

BTW, linked to you from Mir at WCS!

Cele said...

Ang you daughter has good taste and so do you, I love asparagus.

Damsel welcome and thank you for th tip, I tried it tonight, delicious. Now I have two new ways to cook it.

The son of a Irish Rebel said...

looks yummy

Me said...

Side note: freverent or freverently are not real words. Personally I want to know why not?

Because, the word is fervently. Somewhere along the line we as a society began pronouncing it incorrectly as: freverently.

Cele said...

Hey me, I am a notoriously bad typist... but when it comes to fervor - I admit guilt in combining two words together. Can't we add it to the dictionary? pretty please