Thursday, January 24, 2008

Talk Thursday - Love Made Visible

Love Is

Love is not seen,
Love is all seeing.
Blind to the faults
Suffers the way of the world
The bend of the heart,
And the want of the head.

Love is not a physical body,
Love lightens the body,
Making the heart beat faster
The head swim in wonder
The feet skip in glory
And hands entwine at touch.

Love is not a sense,
Love is an onslaught against the senses
Making birds sing sweeter
Bees buzz louder
Amusing both heart and head
Days kissed by the sun.

Love breathes not itself
Yet Love is the breathe of life
Lightening the huff to a sigh
Quickening the sigh to a pant
Softening the cry to a moan
Evoking awes of delight.

Love is not a space
Nor is love a place
But it fills the soul
Answers the heart
Makes us whole
And leaves us lonely when its gone.

Love is
divinely unique,
a joyous,
act of faith.

© Calista Cates – Stanturf 2008


Phoenix Touch said...

oh so beautiful, dear Cele! Thank you. very. much.


Jazzy said...

very nice poem my friend! I like it a lot!!!

An Enlightened Fairy said...

I like this so much. I'm glad that you felt inspired.

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Oooh love it!

CV Rick said...

Well Done, very effective.


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Wow! Best summation of love I've read, ever! Well done, Cele. Very well done indeed.

Cele said...

Thank you for the kind comments. I'm a poet at heart but for Talk Thursday I try to do prose, but this time it was a poem that popped out. I have actually (since) edited it to make it smoother.