Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The MeMe Faery Tagged MEME in Randomness!!

Ten things about yourself:
1. Name: Celebrindal but I shortened it to Cele, it’s just more personable, er maybe that is just easier to say. Kell, because most people think it’s sellebrindal…NOT
2. Birthday: I’m a left over sweetheart
3. Where do you live: In heaven commonly referred to as the middle of the Oregon Coast
4. Right or Left handed: right, but God gave me two hands…one is useless
5. Favorite color: Green (back up favorite color is cinnamon)
6. Favorite sport: It use to be surfing. Now it is watching college tightends. That’s not illegal is it?
7. Biggest Fear: God you don’t know me do you? SNAKES
8. Status: single, married, singled, married, single, married
9. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes, my husband

Your last....
1. Cigarette: December 1st, 1996. I had set the date as my goal to quit and knew if I didn’t that time I never would. Please quit. Please.
2. Beverage: Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea (have bags will travel)
3. Kiss: This morning when Ducky went to work
4. Hug: Kimberley hugged me today because she thought I needed a booster hug
5. Movie seen: I think it was Second Hand Lions. Great movie.
6. CD played: Amy Winehouse
7. Song listened to: last song on my shift today, Goodnight Moon, Shiveree
Last song in my truck, Back To Black, Amy Winehouse
8. Bubble bath: hmmm last? It’s been a while ago. I reserve baths for when I’m sick and really depressed, or amazingly cold.
9. Time you cried: You’re assuming I’m not at the moment. The day before my dad died.

Eight Have-You-Ever's:
1. Dated one of your best friends or wanted to?
No2. Skinny dipped: Duh, yeah.
3. Kissed somebody and regretted it: Oh mi GAWD YES
4. Liked someone you knew you couldn't have: Well of course, that was my entire high school experience.
5. Been overseas: Yes
6. Dressed in costume: Yes
7. Been drunk: Three times, I never wish to do it again.
8. Run away: Actually no, I was never even truly tempted.

Two Things That You Want To Be When You Grow Up:
1. Me
2. Loved
Lucky me, I must be grown up – Thank God.

I tag Jazzy, Phoenix, and Tewkes.


Phoenix Touch said...

Nice, Cele! (and thank you for clearing up the name-pronunciation question I have been mind-debating for too long!!!) :)

I will do this like a good girl, cuz, ya know, I gotta do it right!!!


Sideon said...

Watching tightends is a full-time sport!

Drunk only three times? Oh my. I hate to say it, but I'm considered an expert on the subject.

Big hugs - and yes you are loved!

Cele said...

Ang I'm looking forward to yours.

Sid, I should clarify that, I've been feeling pretty darn good several times, but hang over drunk three times. Never again.

An Enlightened Fairy said...

I have to agree with Sid... Nothing wrong with tight ends... those boys are over the age of 18 and at their sexual peak, I might add.
*ahem* Is it hot in here?
Anyway, thanks for playing along my fabulous valley girl, surfer, chickie, sista...