Thursday, December 27, 2007

Talk Thursday – 2007, What was, What is, What will be

Do you find yourself constantly with your foot in your mouth? A whole day where size 9 is rasping against that broken molar on the left upper side, only emphasizing the rut you’re finding yourself in? Shit, why minimize? It’s not a whole day, or even a week, 2007 can’t be over soon enough. But wait, this is an eight year, shit that means a nine year is just four days away.

I have constantly said the wrong or inappropriate things to people of late. My boss made a comment to me this morning, a completely reasonable, sane comment that bosses make to an employee who is … er let’s say 25 feet outside of her sound booth during her air shift. Just sayin’. So what does said employee do? She cops an attitude, turns silently on said size nine booted heel and returns to her studio. I was wrong, er I mean she was wrong, but, hey that didn’t stop her from pointing out to her very nice boss that instead of complimenting her, he always offers criticisms.

To be totally honest I have a great boss, a very generous boss (who does not read my blog) and I should have kept my sassy mouth shut. But, nooooo, I apparently like sole. I’m glad my boss is my friend, and forgiving.

With that off my chest (and a mighty sagging chest it’s becoming) let me move on. I have acquired a bevy of beautiful friends in 2007 (not bad for a crappy year. But it has also brought loss. Our nephew died just after Thanksgiving.

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer in late winter. Bouts of chemo, a strong will, and love has brought him through to the white Christmas he wanted. Today, he was hospitalized and his family told, if they want to see him before he passes, they need to be there now.

This morning my dad came home from the hospital to spend his final days at home, surrounded by those who love and cherish him. His goal was to make it through Christmas. Each of us took turns visiting him in the hospital since Sunday morning. He has accepted his passing, he is tired, he hurts, he can’t breathe, he is ready to go home. Strangely both his older, remaining sisters have booth been hospitalized during the holidays.

I am stressed and sad that my days with him, my hours with him are numbered. But I am glad that he will be free of the physical pain and burdens that have brought him down. I am extremely thankful for the extra twelve years I have had with him.

I found a great resolution last year. Did I make it? No way in hell, but I will try again in 2008.

First, I resolve to write more, at least two blogs per week (but I can bank extras from wordy weeks [please send Meme’s to help me meet my goal].) This also means at least three poems a month.

Secondly, I resolve to meet more of my blogger/internet friends. Up first Sid and JulieAnn in April. Par-tae On! Natalie and I are suppose to do RWA in Frisco in July, but we shall see.

Thirdly, I resolve to get more people in to our Friday night Writer’s Workshop / Chat. Hint, hint, HINT! And again, can we say HINT? All interested – poets, short story penners, bloggers alike apply in cyber form at 9pm Pacific. Writers Workshop We chat at 9, post at 10pm.

Fourthly, I resolve to keep my promises, to be the best I can be, and to communicate, validate, and appreciate those in my life, both walking and cybering.

Fifthly, I resolve to make people laugh, think, and think while they laugh.

Good-bye 2007, you’ve given me many lessons, many wonderful steadfast and new friends. You gave me the opportunities a plenty for failure and success and hopefully I utilized each instance to grow.

Hello to 2008, I stand waiting, hopefully prepared, for all that you will bring. May I be up to the challenge.



Phoenix Touch said...


I am impressed by your honesty here. And curiosity it definitely piqued regarding said opening of mouth and swallowing of foot. I can relate all too well. Sadly enough... :)

Friend, all I can say is that 2008 has GOT to be better!

With love,

JulieAnn Henneman said...

I love you sweetie. You are amazing. You are all of those things, do all of those things and more.


An Enlightened Fairy said...

One mission accomplished! I made it to poetry chat last week! :)
I think we can all relate to the foot in mouth thing... maybe some more than others *innocent look* Try my sz 10 on for size babe. ;)

Cele said...

I wish you all at wonderful 2008, and if not wonderful a hell of a lot better 2008 than was 2007