Friday, October 19, 2007

Tewkes Greatest Meme

The theme is "The Greatest...", as in the greatest book or movie or place to visit or meme. Whatever. I'm sure you'll get it. You're all smart people, hence I expect smart answers!

Here are the rules: Copy the meme listed below to your blog and answer the 10 questions. At the end of the questions, add one more question of your making. Let's see where this goes! Enjoy!Oh, please note: These don't necessarily have to be the greatest of all time ever. It could be the greatest whatever at this moment in your life. What's great today, might not be tomorrow. I'm as interested in the present as I am in all time, if you will!****

In your opinion, this is the greatest...
1. Book
2. Song
3. Movie
4. T.V. Show
5. Place to live
6. Place to visit
7. Place to eat
8. Fruit/Vegetable
9. Chocolate
10. Quality I Possess

1) The greatest book, my favorite book is Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I’ve read it seven or eight times at least, I always seem to notice something new. My ideal of the characters has never changed, with each reading they remain clear and unchanged to me as reading one. Characters and images not tarnished by the movie. Of course anything by Jane Austin is aces in my books.

2) This one is so very hard for me. I love music and am in conflict because I have several favorite songs. But the greatest (in this recent span of say five or six years) Five For Fighting’s One Hundred Years. The words are awesome, the simplicity of voice and arrangement superb under linings. But then it could be Cat Steven’s Where Do The Children Play?, hmmm but then again it could be Cat Steven’s Father and Son, or Coldplay’s Clocks.

3) Without a doubt Love Actually. Fabulous casting. Outrageous, delightful, wonderful dialogue. Great plot. This movie dwelt on my mind for weeks after seeing it, months, no maybe years. I love Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, and Emma Thompson.

4) I use to think it was Farscape or Babylon Five but I’ve tried to go back and watch episodes and they just don’t hold my attention. Joan of Arcadia rocked. Or West Wing was a very fine show.

5) The greatest place to live, undoubtedly the Oregon Coast. Heaven on earth. Enough said.

6) Anywhere with history and ghost. England, Germany, Ireland. Scotland, divine and windy. Show me the ghost. On the other hand have you ever been to Montezuma’s Castle in Mesa Verde, Arizona? Down to the earth spiritual.

7) Some hole in the wall seafood place with good fresh, deep fried squid or lobster (not deep fried. Well there goes my diet)

8) Crunchy Asian Apple pears, the big round ones with the light yellow flesh, not the brown ones, yuck. Acorn Squash (steamed with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon – screw my diet anyway)

9) Tewkes said it best so I am borrowing her words. I’m not a chocolate snob. I am just a chocoholic. But yummm, Cadbury’s Crunchy pieces. I had them in England and they rocked. But when I’m stateside (like 99.9 percent of my life) I prefer hand dipped chocolate covered cherry truffles from Original Chocolate Sins.

10) My greatest quality, I’m not sure, is this a quality? I don’t’ hold grudges. I really don’t. I may not forget, but I won’t continually hit you over the head with the past. I will not hold it against you forever. Not everyone gets that, they like to hold on to past affronts like some kind of emotional breast plate that they can beat to keep the world at bay. Ask my husband.

Now for my bonus round. My greatest saying and words to live by….

Life is far too long to be miserable, and far too short to not be happy.

But of course we all know that I can’t chose just one…so, runner up number one could be the winner but this is me so who knows.

Where We’ve Been Is, Who We Are.

Wow, that could be number one, it deserved caps. Now I tag anyone and everyone who loves memes. Have fun with this one!



J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Excellent meme!! Thanks for joining the fun.

I have to confess: I still haven't read Lord of the Rings. (I know. Grievous sin.) I must do that before I'm 40.

I love Love Actually. Excellent film! And Alan Rickman is my favorite, too. He's the guy you love to hate and hate to love because he does flawed character so well. My absolute favorite film with him is Robin Hood!

Now I'm off to iTunes to check out your favorite songs.


Jay Tewkes

wry catcher said...

Good one, Cele - I love the memes, and yours is good!! I love Love Actually too. And I love Cat Stevens.

Also, it's very funny that you should pick acorn squash for a meme that you got from Tewkesy. :-)

Cele said...

Okay I have to know the story behind squash. I'm assuming it is Tewkes most hated gord or something.

Tewkes, Alan Rickman was the best in Robin Hood, despicable in Quiggly down under, and delightful in the first Die Hard movie. I love Alan Rickman he knows essence. I hope you enjoy the songs.

Wry, I think the folk rock of the late 60s and early 70s is quite similar to the current songs being written by several popular songwriters of today.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Cele: Go back to the comments in my blog on the meme and you'll find a link to the squash exchange.

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Love it Cele

So this is an open tag? So many memes on everyone's blog. No one has personally tagged me...should I be offended? LoL!!


CV Rick said...

Excellent Meme . . . I'm answering this one for next Saturday.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

JH: As the meme author, I'm officially tagging you--via Cele's blog--to do this meme! How's that? ;-)

Looking forward to your answers.

Sideon said...

I would have listed squash as a fave vegetable but for some reason got all self conscious about admitting it.

Lord of the Rings is awesome - I'm up to about 10 times for the series, I think.

Loved the meme, Cele!

Cele said...

Tewkes thank you for the link.

JulieAnn you are now perpetually tagged, girlfriend.

Sid shamed by a squash? ha ha I love it. When you and Scott come to visit remind me were are having squash, with lots of butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

I'm only to about 7 times on LOTR, but I'm about due for number 8.