Monday, September 24, 2007

Sowing the Seeds of Love, or at least one excuse for my absence from this space

I have been sadly missing from Blogdom. Oh I’ve been flitting around reading all my favorite blogs. I’ve even added a new blog or three to my reading list, some really good ones. But writing down my thoughts, endeavors, rants, and rages…nada. Passing along some new pics. Nix.Nein.Nuthin’.
Why? I’ve been blessed with several good books to critique, and when I’m critiquing that is where the majority of my free time is spend, devouring good and yummy new words that I am sure you someday will get to read.

But sometimes even the most devoted of critiquers has to play or create. Or better yet both! Remember, that path I showed you back in July?

Don’t laugh, it’s still not done. I’m slow and have been putting in just a few rows of pavers a week. That way the cost doesn’t keep me from buying fresh fruit (I already gave up red meat.) Now I’m a few rows…or so…from the finished product. It was less but Ducky liked it so much he wants to extended it about eight feet or so to the forest.

I’m so excited. What began as an inspiration brought on by projects from Sideon and garden pictures from Sacred has become a vision to me. So I have slowly dug my way through the yard and made a lumpy walk way.

A few Sunday’s ago Ducky helped me peeled out all the dead sod from the south side of the walk. I bought some tumbled blue stone to begin a path to my bird feeder (I hope the bear appreciates it.) Began planting Corsican mint around the stones. Bought my first Rubeckia (I hope this one lives), and a little shrub for some winter colour, called a Mirror plant.

Well you say, that won’t make a garden? Nope it won’t. Because my glorious plans are for a Lily garden. Ducky loves lillies. So I have bought 24 lillies so far. Spring and summer blooming, from white to red, pink to orange with a yellow or two thrown in for good measure. Hollyhock will back them. A few bearded Iris are already planted. Then I will throw in Russell Lupin, Gay Feathers, Snap dragons, Nasturtium, a trellis of Morning Glories, and lavender for color fronted by tulips in the winter/spring, and petunias in the summer and autumn.

I am so excited. I have mixed the summer and spring bulbs together so each clump will bloom in both seasons. There are only a few more feet of tulips to plant. I want some new solar garden lights.

And last weekend I went out and bought a small cement bench for the west side of the garden near the birdfeeder. Okay, I’m a sucker for dragons – cute dragons, and this one had a broken arm, so I had to have him.

Now if it was just spring. Things grow sooooo slow.


CV Rick said...

The landscaping looks great.

Where do you critique these books? I mean for a publication or radio or what?