Saturday, August 11, 2007

The seductive power of Six

I have been seduced. I love a good MeMe, the best are analytical and this is among the best. But I am going to take it a step further, I’d like to say better, but that would be a point of view that might not be shared by others. Six words about myself, and then I’m going to write six words about six of my favorite bloggers which is going to be difficult, because I have more than six favorite bloggers.

Wordy – I always give people more information than they asked for. I think this is because I want people to understand, I want to share, I want to be liked. I want give and take. Damn, I want a lot.

Loner (homebody) – I use to be a joiner. In my work a day world my best friend is my husband. On the internet, (where I live more and more) I had a bestest friend, but well that didn’t work out, and after seven years she said Buh-bye. C’est La Vie, it still rankles me. Now I have a BFF and she is awesome, talented, loving, and giving, but I guess I still wait until the moment she decides I’m not her cup of tea. Having friends is hard.

Listener – Everyone has a story to tell; their own, the one they want as theirs, and someone else’s. I will listen. What you find out by listening is what is deep down in the teller. It gives you insights into the human condition, into them. I have a good memory. Good listeners are never judgmental. They just listen and give of themselves.

Fixer – If it is broken I will try to fix it. This works best with situations, because I’m not overly mechanical. Note mechanical is not on my list of six. Fixer is. Being a fixer can backfire in your face. So you must be prepared to lose your friends, to be unpopular, to be stuck in the outer darkness.

Mediator – I love my friends, I hate when they are unhappy and worse when they are unhappy at each other, I try to fix them. Sometimes this doesn’t work out well (see above.)

The power of Six in order of compulsion and length of time read

Natalie Trapped Behind the Zion Curtain
♦Compelling – her personal blog Trapped Behind the Zion Curtain always makes me think
♦Talented – an incredible writer, with four books being released in 2007 alone (or is it five?)
♦Harried – she is always working behind two or three deadlines. Sheesh she has three publishing houses. At least four blogs she owns, co-owns, or contributes to. Does several websites. Is on several writing list. And is always driving somewhere for dance camp, dance competition, or a radio interview.
♦Sane – this is hard to be in the competitive world of Dance Moms and publishing.
♦Mom – she is incredibly supportive of her children and their activities and accomplishments
♦Loyal – she is need I say more?

Sideon - Sideon’s Sanctuary (I’ve only been reading this one for just over a year but it’s one of my favs)
♦Compelling – (you will see this a lot because the best bloggers are compelling)
♦Generous – Sid is open and giving
♦Friendly – I’m not sure I have ever, and I mean ever, had someone offer me friendship so darn fast. Sid is delightful, a confidant,
♦Popular – Men stand in envy of his bevy of female admirers
♦Sexy – Why is it gay men are so sexy? I don’t know, but Sid definitely is.
♦Talented – Sid thinks he isn’t, but oh mi GAWD! Read his writing he is marvelous; his poetry is captivating and compelling; his Seasons of Truth, riveting; his blog delightful and insightful.

Joshily Jackson Faster Than Kudzu
♦Insane – this woman’s blog is as crazy as her writing, but it all connects. I can’t go a day without reading Faster Than Kudzu
♦Facinating – Joss’ mind doesn’t work on the same linear path.
♦Open – what you see is what you get
♦Beloved – The only person I know who gets more comments on her blog is Mir
♦Honored – Her books – gods In Alabama & Between, Georgia keeping winning awards
♦Witty – Very, you have to be there to understand

MirWoulda, Shoulda, Coulda
♦Open – No sugar coating with this woman, just an extra healthy dose of Bacon Salt
♦Humerous – a fabulous sense of humor shades her view of her world as she shares her daily life with her readers
♦Witty – fabulously witty
♦Self-deprecating – She cuts her self no slack and she does it with wit and wisdom
♦Thrifty – If it can be had for cheaper, she’s the woman to find it for you
♦Married – Mir took her readers along for the journey of her single parenthood, into the confusion and sadness of Flee-Harmony dot com, through the worry of rediscovering the love of her life, and her recent marriage.

Sister Mary Lisa - Thoughts By Sister Mary Lisa
♦Humorous – If you’ve read her you understand
♦Talented – This woman has no idea how well she writes
♦Friendly – You can see it in her blog, she opens herself up to her readers and invites them in.
♦Traveled – Who in blogdom hasn’t she traveled to meet? Oh, me, but that is coming.
♦Popular – 90 percent of the people I know read her blog, have met her, or are going to meet her.
♦Parent – their family nights sound awesome

CV Rick - Ninja Writer
♦Talented – I’m not sure he even realizes how well he writes – did you read Alma or his Bank Robber series. Enough said.
♦Compelling – The best blogs always are, they make you want to comment, to think outside the box – late into the day
♦Scientific – he says it’s just the way he thinks
♦Insightful – he gives you a different view to chew on and makes you reconsider
♦Friendly – try his blog you will see for yourself.
♦Father – he can tell he is a proud papa

I hope I didn’t embarrass anyone. And for those who find something new to them here, I hope you enjoy these blogs, because I believe they are well worth your reading time. Did I mention I am wordy?


Sideon said...

I love that you're wordy :) This is an awesome SIX, m'dear. You went above and beyond. I did the bare minimum, and because meme's are all about me me me... I didn't even THINK about writing six words for other people.

Summer is tough for me with writing. I looked on last year's posts and I've par to the course. Last year I anguished and felt guilty - this year I'm kind of like... watching paint dry. No stress, but certainly no action either. THINKING about writing doesn't make it so, does it? :)

Hugs to you. I love your words!

mabel (pomp) said...

Cele: This is a great contribution to the carnival/meme. I'm glad you wrote a piece and, again, I'm so sorry I missed this before. I've posted a link on POMP so others can read your kind, generous words.

And I love that you took the idea and turned into into a giving meme. But then, that just goes hand-in-hand with your generosity.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

OMG, Cele. You're so damn sweet. I can't believe you did such a list, and I totally agree with your sentiments about the others. About me, well, I'm blushing.

Happy Friday, my friend.

wry catcher said...

That is such a cool list - and I love that you did it for others, too. That says more about you than the list itself does. Very cool, woman.

And Florence, OR is one of my favorite places in the world. I have such fond childhood memories of spending family holidays there. Beautiful.

Cele said...

Wry you've been to Florence? Wow, way kewl. I love Florence and may never leave for more than vacation and death.

And guys you are all very inspiring. I need to add Pomp to my blogging list up there.