Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Trade Offs of Our Marriage ☺♥☻

A pot of coffee, Oreos, and 21 blogs – the breakfast of champions – no wonder I wear size relaxed elastic waist. I’m an addict. Addictive personalities run in my family, but could I become addicted to something my husband could appreciate or participate in?

Ohhhh, no!

♂ My husband is a TV “reruns don’t bother me” junkie
♀ I’m hooked on the Internet.

♂ He can’ get enough of baseball
♀ I can’t get enough of my favorite blogs.

♂ He turns the TV on the moment he…Wakes up…Walks in the house…When he breathes
♀ I check my emails and blog during breakfast…during work…at lunch…when I get home….after dinner….before I go to bed…(and no, I have not woken up in the middle of the night or stopped sex to check my email, so there maybe be hope for me.) Hey! I can quit anytime I want to.
♂ On the other hand I’m glad we don’t have a TV in the bedroom.

♂ He has to watch sports on TV
♀ I can listen to any sport on radio.

♂ He’ll rant at the Yankees/Duck (depending on the season.)
♀ I will listen to him and do a Sudoko puzzle or three (that I printed off the internet) to spend time with him.

♂ He and sports are kind of like a train wreck, you can’t help but watch, but when he starts cussing out Mariano Rivera….again…
♀ I’ll go check my email and blogs to tune him out.

Despite being ♂ visual / ♀ audio challenged couple we really are quite compatible and have many pastimes that we share. We both love gardening, home improvement, and baseball, college football “Go Ducks!” just not necessarily in that order. And we both adore our grandson.

There are several TV shows we watch together. Not everything has to be reruns. He loves Dancing with the Stars – no shit, he really does. Natalie got me into watching So You Think You Can Dance, Ducky wasn’t so impressed…"It's not Dancing with the Stars," until the actual competition started, now he is totally a Hok fan. He’s really into Ice Road Truckers, Ghost Hunters (despite having a health fear of ghosts), NCIS and we’ll at least begin both, Survivor and Big Brother before the personalities make us quit.

In all fairness I have to say, Ducky did try out the Internet, but it requires reading and anything outside of the newspaper is a no go for him. He doesn’t mind my Internet habit. He knows who my internet friends are (and keeps them straight,) he finds them interesting, and ask what they are up to. He serves me ice cream on Friday nights during chat, and he gladly agreed to DSL to make my surfing experience faster. He even reads my blogs and on occasion will comment.

“You’re printing that on the internet?”

But, I have no delusions that he will suddenly pick up my laptop and start blogging along with me, joining me in chat, IMing me between innings or during pitching changes. He’s just not interested in the Internet. Well unless I begin cybering and then like every man I know, he’d want to watch.


Sideon said...


You are too funny, Cele!!!

Karin Tabke said...

Sigh. I share your addiction.

wry catcher said...

I love this post - it's perfectly written, expressed, balanced - it's just perfect. A little slice of online sublimity. Nice.

Cele said...

Sid you have no idea. You always make me smile, thank you.

Karin, you and Officer Friendly crack me us, you guys are a great balance.

Wry thank you for the kind words. Now go blog...

CV Rick said...

perfect . . .

I love the internet, blogging, writing . . . it's just hard to find time during my busy work seasons (as a contractor, I have one of the few jobs in this country that requires no computer).

My gf develops web sites, campaigns, and commercials for a large advertising company, so . . .
she watches T.V. when she gets home and stays off the internet. She's a world-class channel surfer . . . I rarely turn the box on, to tell the truth.

Cele said...

Rick it sounds like we're in the same places. Ducky actually has curiosities about blogging but that is as far as it has gone. A big Yankee fan I figured that would be a good place to start... not. But like your girl friend I know a lot of people who are on computers all day long for work and that would be the last thing they want to deal with on their home time.

CV Rick said...

She actually has a blog, Cele. It's entirely work-focused - "Cutting Edge Web Develop for Team Managers" - and it's designed to go with the book I'm helping her write. Almost everything about my own blog apart from the actual content (I'm the writer after all and it's my life) is on her advice and recommendation.

She reads my blog, but rarely comments.

JulieAnn said...

My computer's in my bedroom, two feet away from my that a BAD thing?