Monday, July 23, 2007

10 Weird Things About She Who Is Know As Cele – or When in doubt refer to number seven

How on God’s Green earth do you blog 10 weird things about yourself? I mean isn’t my weird just someone else’s normal? Like my “unreasonable” fear of snakes? There are, like ten people out there who really like snakes. Now that is weird. In fact it’s just unreasonable.

So your weirdness is my normal frame of thought…er you don’t like snakes do you?

JulieAnn, JulieAnn, JulieAnn, no that’s not my weirdness, it is JulieAnn’s fault I’m in this quandary. I’m really stuck on what is weird.

1) I don’t like talking on the phone. End of story. Well not really. Ducky is a phone addict. He talks to everyone on the phone, all the time. There are two things about Ducky that are a given, when he walks in the door, gets up or mows the lawn the TV is on. And two, if I am gone for more than ten minutes he will call people.

2) I hate reruns. I remember the plot, the dialogue, and what I can’t remember I will guess. Whereas, I despise watching TV shows over and over, I can watch a movie multiple times (as long as there is enough space in between viewings), and books? I’ve read Lord Of The Ring at least seven times. But not TV shows, and I can’t abide stupid demeaning humor – so that lets out 7 out of 10 shows.

3) I am now in my fifth decade and I still don’t feel like a grown up. When does that happen? I am a mother, a grandmother, and married three times, when does growing up happen?
(And no, that doesn’t explain two divorces.)

4) Hobbies burn hot for me and then I burn out, never to go back. I once crocheted twenty five afghans for presents in two years time. That was 14 years ago, I’ve not done one since. I did stained glass at the beginning of marriage number two. Anyone want to buy a grinder, foiler, an assortment of glass cutters, lead came, and soldering irons? How about a box of skeins in various levels of depletion.

5) I love social climate Reality TV. Survivor (except for those friggin’snakes,) Big Brother, even The Surreal Life. It’s watching psychological warfare and strategy. The worst at the games, is the student of the games. Suckas

6) My mother named me Tanglefoot because I can’t walk straight, or remain up right. I fall, trip, slid, you name it I can tangle my feet around it. And I once dreamt of a career as a dancer…a roller derby queen(yes, despite being a tanglefoot I was very adept at skating, and my hipchecks were da bomb - literally, have you seen these hips?)….a marine biologist (no fancy footwork required but 8 years of zoology - I don't think so)… and a cosmetologist (that was a $4100 nightmare. Did you know you can get hair splinters, and the friggin' hurt?)

7) My sister says that she can chart her life by which name I was going by at the time and what new name I gave her.

a. Debbie – no offense, but there were six Debbie’s in my kindergarten class. Who in the heck wants to be part of a six-pack?
b. Debi
c. Debby
d. Deby
Everyone wants a six-pack, but of a different ilk.
e. Then I moved to my middle name – at age 16, ah much better.
f. And Cele, is shortened version of
g. Celebrindal, from Tolkien’s Simarillion. So are you now lost?

8) I can’t hold a grudge. Can’t do it. Life is too long to be unhappy, and far too short to not be happy.

9) I frequently know when the phone is going to ring and often who’s on the other end. I either see their face or I think their name. I can often hear the Jeopardy – double jeopardy jingle before it plays.

10) I have many acquaintances, but very few true friends. When I make a friend, it is for life, whether they are talking to me or not. This causes me to get screwed over on occasion, but you can only be hurt if you give your heart. So to me…
Heart / Heartless
The choice is a no brainer to me.

Now I’m supposed to tag ten people. I don’t know ten people who’ve not already been tagged. But if Miss JulieAnn comes back and tags me my list will be as follows. Hehehe

1) Sideon
2) Sister Mary Lisa
3) Jazzy
4) Dart
5) Sacred Sister
6) CV Rick
7) Bishop Rick
8) Like baseball – A Player To Be Named Laer
9) Marion because, Natalie can’t play because she’s buried by deadlines
10) Karin



JulieAnn Henneman said...

Cele, Cele, Cele, my friend. It doesn't matter what other people find weird, only you. Someone might have read my list and thought "So what's so weird about a walking piece of bread?" Well, to me it was weird. Quite frankly, you can learn a lot about a person when they talk about something weird; you learn more about their sense of normalcy, and it's a very intriguing glimpse into their world, don't you think?

Great list! Mwah!


CV Rick said...

Good List. Very interesting.

I only do memes on Saturdays when I have no other post that bumps it. I'll add this one to the list.

Cele said...

JulieAnn, my point exactly, my normal is your weird, and vice versa.

CV Rick, blog on dude you rock. I tried to be kind in who I tagged, and today as you go from blog to blog to blog I hope you realise what I mean. I always look forward to your blogs.

Sideon said...

Your list is delightful. I had a big ole smile on my face reading through your entry.

And I totally agree with your question: 'what is weird.'

Hugs and love.

CV Rick said...

Cele, I finally added you to my blogroll. Sorry it took so long.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

So, I can't tell if I was tagged then or not. Is this an official tag??

Great list of things about you, my friend.

Jazzy said...

Great list! As you can see, I am more than slightly behind, but I am trying to catch up!