Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ice Cream Jazzy

In my eight years on the net I’ve cyberly met many. When I went to England in 2002; my mom, brother, and I traipsed into the Poetry Café on Drury Lane in London to have coffee and chat with Raven and with delightful wife Kathleen – a photo of the two hour coffee chat is in my gallery. One who I wanted madly to meet, will remain unmet, because we don’t talk. One who came to stay and comes back often. And a at least four who I am so wanting to met soon.

I got a rare treat on Tuesday; I got to meet an Internet friend for ice cream. Jazzy and her family were taking a whirl wind tour of the Oregon coast and came through my little burg for a bit of sand, sun, and fun before heading north.

Just after one o'clock she called me to say they’d finished lunch at Mo’s on Bay Street. I suggested BJ’s ice cream (because they are ice cream purveyor extraordinaire) and who doesn’t like ice cream. Jazzy’s family is delightful, including Peanut the dog. We met at BJ’s and I was immediately enveloped by family warmth. Her children are delightful, chatty, and completely excited about the Oregon Coast (my favorite type of people.) Jazzy is lovely, shy, and everything I expected. I hope you get to meet her too.

Now I have to say the picture does neither of us justice, but at my advanced age of menopause I finally saw what other see and I need to exercise and lose some of my granny fat. A few "Hail Mary's", maybe some prayers, and a candle or two to the cause would not go a miss.

Sith (means peace)


Sideon said...

Three cheers for Calista, for Jazzy, and for Ice Cream!


Is there an Amtrak station near you? One of the best trips Scott and I ever did was one up to Corvalis and back. We'd do it again in a heartbeat :)


Cele said...

Sid I would love to have you and Scott come visit us. The nearest Amtrak station is in Eugene (where Gluby and Lemony live.)

Someday I want to take the train, but to get to Frisco I will either drive or fly.

The door is always open Sid.

Jazzy said...

I had a blast on Tuesday. Thank you for the ice cream!! YUMMY!! Our trip was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was so much fun that it was worth it. We loved the coast and could see ourselves living there in any of the towns that we went through.

We will have to do it again when we can spend more time together. :)

Cele said...

Oh I definately look forward to more Jazzy and ice cream, I had a delightful time.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Love, love, love the photo! Of course, I love the people in the photo too! You women ROCK.

:) Thanks for sharing. Wish I could've been there too.

Cele said...

Next time Lisa maybe you will get to join us :)