Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sanjaya is a Weapon of Mass Distraction

I’m 7 for 14

There is a new website out there with a new strategy aimed at combating the effects of Vote for the Worst. Then maybe we could rid ourselves of the Weapon of Mass Distraction known as Sanjaya Malakar. The concept at Vote Against Vote For The Worst is that every state is assigned a contestant. I lucked out because Oregon is assigned Jordin Sparks. Every contestant has several states to vote for them, oh wait, every contestant except Sanjaya. Nice thought, but did anyone except me know about it? Cross your fingers.

Hmmm, tonight I did just about everything I could do to have to keep from blogging about tonight’s American Idol. Everything, except go to bed. Isn’t Jennifer Lopez stunning? I had kind of worried when she married Mark Anthony, I mean he’s a Latin cad, or I guess I should say he was. But wow, she glows and tonight she was a pretty decent mentor for the remaining eight finalists.

But Latin week is never a good thought. And barring the first season, I think this is the first Latin inspired week they’ve had on American Idol before (I could be wrong.) Don’t get me wrong, I like Latin music, infectious beat, or sultry and sexy, yummy. But tonight I just wanted to say, “Oye, va!” (think that in your best Yiddish accent please.) I worried some one would sing Turn the Beat Around, Why worry? Because the judges never like it. Remember Carmen Rasmussen singing it back in year two? She has that great quality to her voice, captured the spirit of the song, and got panned by the judges. Okay, not Paula because before this season I don’t think Paula panned anyone.

So how did the finalists do?

Melinda gave us a very nice rendition of Sway. You can currently hear Michael Bublè singing this standard on Music of Your Life. I thought Melinda did a nice job, she doesn’t believe she is sexy so it didn’t come across as sexy, but I give her credit for trying to do that. I have to say I forgot to take notes until her performance was over. She’s that good. I just wish she’d hit lower register notes.

Lakisha covered the Miami Sound Machine’s Conga I didn’t get it. OH.MI.GOD.SHOOT.ME.NOW. I agreed with Paula on something. Kiki has that big beautiful voice, but it doesn’t wrap around the rhythm of the fast paced Conga.

Chris Robinson received kudos from the judges for his cover of Rob Thomas and Santana’s Smooth. I didn’t get it, the whole time I wanted Rob Thomas to sing. It took me back to what the judges are always telling the contestants and which I will completely paraphrase. “When you choose something remarkable, by a remarkable singer, you stand the chance of falling far short in comparison.”

Haley should be singing on a cruise ship somewhere under the Mediterranean. She was totally out of breath through her entire rendition of Miami Sound Machines’ Turn the Beat Around.

Phil had the unfortunate choice of Maria Maria. Where Chris R failed to sound like Rob Thomas, Phil was lucky in my esteem that Musiq sucks in the first place. I never liked the song and despite a flat note and that end cracking, he didn’t do, too bad. What distracted me through his whole performance was finger prints, I wanted to clean the guitar face of greasy finger smudges.

Jordin doesn’t just have a spark, she totally sparkles. I so disagreed with Simon and that is rare in of itself. I loved Jordin’s cover of the Rhythm is Going To Get You. Gloria Estefan and band would have felt proud at the performance. By the way, for being 51, I voted at least eleven times for Jordin tonight. I won’t make the mistake I did last week and watch another of my favorites go. And she is my assignment from vote against vote for the worst.

Blake chose a Mark Anthony song and did a good job. I really liked the way he delivered I Need To Know. It had a good feel, good delivery, good every thing.

Sanjaya. Ugh, what can I say? I don’t like this kid, I’m not sure he can do anything to change my feelings, but I will try to be honest. He didn’t do a bad job, but I didn’t buy his performance. Besamè is a mellow mournful song, Sanjaya smiled through most of his performance. His voice was not smooth and he tried to power through and ended up yelling a few of the words.

This week I liked

♫ Jordin
♫ Blake
♪ with an honorable mention to Melinda

This week I am crossing my fingers, but not holding my breathe.


Sideon said...

I'm living vicariously through your updates about American Idol.

Did anyone vote Simon off yet? Or am I getting this show confused with Survivor, in which case he really needs to re-enact the Donner party... as the main course.

Ack - I am going back to The Dresden Files on the Sci-Fi channel!

Cele said...

Sid if Vote for the Worst gets there way Simon will be gone. I love Simon, I would be gone too. The Donner party would make for an interesting survivor episode.

You would like Melinda Doolittle on American Idol, the girl has a set of pipes that won't quit. She is one of my favorites, and I think the front runner to take it all.

Sideon said...

A dear friend sent me some cds to check out.

Current favorites:

-James Blunt
-Christina Aguilara (the 2 cd set)

She also sent a Scottish singer, but I don't have the name in front of me.