Friday, January 19, 2007

I love my computer

I've been on the internet for about eight years now, which is pretty funny when you consider it took my boss about a year to drag me kicking and screaming to even use my computer at work.
Now you can't get me off of it. Rose sent me this cartoon in a forwarded, forwarded, forward (you know the ones) and it just so spoke of me that I had to share - because I know it speaks to you, too.

It doesn't bother me that all my friends are online. No it doesn't, not at all. My friends are caring and loving. My friends are talented and versed. My friends will offer up their arguements, share their laughter, and shed their tears over crimes, the sublime and the humorous. My friends are in Utah, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado, California, Arizona, Montana, Minnesota, Kansas, England, Demark, Canada, and where you are.

With my friends I spread my wings. Learn things I'd have never known.

In cyberspace I am wize. And sometimes I am downright dumb. I have a sense of humor (despite what exhubby number two said.) In cyberspace I have a personality (now that number two is history that is true.) In cyberspace I can be me. I can wax poetic, even if I don't recognize iambic pentameter. In cyberspace I can laugh about my double zipcode, menopausal butt.

So who are you in cyberspace?


Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out who I am, but I appreciate your words here. I too have many many friends in cyberspace, thank GAWD.