Sunday, January 07, 2007

And Along Came Blogging

And Then Came of Blogging

Over the years on the net (ooh all eight of them Cele) I’ve been involved with three writing groups. And over those eight years I’ve resisted joining others. Why? Because being involved in one writing group, and a weekly workshop is enough for me.

My daughter, a poet of quality work in my esteem, introduced me to Red Rose’s Workshop back in the days of Live Universe. I loved the group from the first night. It challenged me, got me back into writing, and lead me to a fulfilling hobby of continuity critiquing for some incredible authors. Then Live Universe, folded. Drats! I built my website for the group and we moved to our current location. The main core has never changed, but people have come and gone and more are welcomed. Through the workshop I joined Writerspad. When two of my friends left to build their own group they invited me along as a moderator. I’ve been happy with The Write List (TWL) now since gosh, 2000 or so.

And then came blogging. Wow, what a concept, the promotional and networking dream of a tool for writers and readers. Writers have the opportunity to hone their skill, draw in potential readers, and build a community. Readers have the opportunity to test drive new authors.

Remember that comment about one workshop and one writing group being enough for me? Oh my friend that does not hold true for blogs. I am a blogging slut of the highest degree. I will blog anywhere I find fit. With anyone who turns my head with their enticing words, come-ons, and contests. Hi, my name is Cele and I’m a blog-a-holic. (nods to Lisa in the corner, good donuts girlfriend.)

An ongoing discussion on the merits of blogging at TWL recently included the following statement by a publisher of all people.

"Blogs about writing are great, but they won't sell books."

I won’t name names, she’s a delightful and successful woman with her own publishing company. But I feel she is operating under a false impression. Or, as strong as I feel about this, maybe I’m operating under a false impression. I feel blogs by writers, and blogs about writing, sell books. Why? Sheesh, well because I buy a lot of books based on what I read and who I read at blogs. Aren’t I the model that all sales calculations are based on? Me, Jane Doh! American consumer.

So my questions today (for the whole 4 people who read my blog) for either reader or writer are theses:
1) How many blogs do you read and why?
2) What attracts you to specific blogs and keeps you coming back?
And 3) Would you or do you buy books because of blogs you frequent? Hmmm, maybe that is three and two half questions. I’m a product of new math so it’s hard to tell.

© 7 January 2007 Calista Cates


Jazzy said...


1. I read only three blogs per day because otherwise I would only be reading blogs and not writing my own.

2. The reason I read the blogs that I do is because I love the way that the blogs that I read are written.

3. I would buy a book written by an author of a blog, if I read the blog and like what I read. The reason is that we don't change our style of writing, and one's style of writing is what draws me to the blog or book.

Anonymous said...

1 - I read 15+ blogs a day and don't spend enough time writing.

2 - I read these blogs because they are fascinating, they pull me out of the "cave" of myself, and I gravitate towards those blogs that are well written and intelligent.

3 - I do not follow links on blogs for books or purchases. If I want to shop for books I go to a local bookstore or (gasp!) Barnes and Noble or (double gasp!) Amazon. I don't mind writers having blogs - they tend to show a fuller spectrum and background to them and their life.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I've given up reading books to focus on art, and blogging, which is like reading with a twist.

I read at least 15 blogs, possibly more, and love the interaction with the people I'm getting to know out there. I LOVE IT. Sometimes a blog name will catch my eye and I frequent many that aren't on my blogroll also. I still need to add YOU to my blogroll, come to think of it....

Anonymous said...

1) 3 blogs per month
2) I like to be amused and entertained. Once or twice, I might actually search for a specific blog (subject or person) to find out more information. Blogs in general irritate me (but yours is nice, I've stumbled on it)
3)No, I wouldn't, I do it the other way around - buy the book, and if I want to find out mroe about the writer then I see if he or she has a blog.