Friday, April 14, 2006

One Hundred Things About Me

1) I live in heaven

2) I'm not that interesting

3) which is not good if you're a DJ

4) I have the best job in the world - except when the computers break down

5) I had to be drug - knuckles scrapping the floor - into the computer world

6) Since then my boss has come to believe he created a monster - "IT'S ALIVE!"

7) My named - Screamed in total desparation at full volume - means
"Calista BRING YOUR TOOLS my computer did it again"

8) Yes I have a toolbox

9) Fixing what they broke and other maintainence beyond a man's realm of capability. (This includes lightbulbs, toilet paper, taking out the trash, and slaying ants.)

10) You may have noted I've become sexist.

11) I dislike those who hate

12) They makes my head spin and I want to hurl

13) Well except snakes - maybe this should be number 1

14) I do hate snakes - but realize they have a meaningful purpose in the world

15) My fear for snakes colours everything I do outside

16) Except for the morning I walked into my second floor office and found a Anaconda under my desk

17) I try very hard not to lie

18) I called Debbie's son to come get it for me.

19) Debbie did it herself - cooing to it. I lie not. I wasn't shamed.

20) My first boyfriend was Ronnie - he got away - we never did it

21) I've been married three times

22) This totally colours who I am

23) and supplies me with endless standup comedy - most aren't amused

24) My mother, father, and daughter are constant inspiration

25) My boyfriend is Ben, he's 4 years old, he has the best kisses

26) My husband is the world's best whiner - he's proud of this ability

27) and he never fails to make me laugh

28) I can tell my husband anything - he likes Ben's kisses too.

29) He's Oregon Duck fan, he collects ducks - I call him Ducky

30) He calls me Fritzi

31) My motto is - Where you have been is who you are.

32) This truism colours my life and perspective

33) I always want to know what makes a person tick

34) A reason is not an excuse - its motivation

35) I am Quaker in my faith - this definately colours who I am

36) Ducky is not. He doesn't always see eye to eye with me

37) I don't believe in organized religion

38) I don't understand why people think God has enough time on his hands to do something personally to them

39) Do they understand there are almost 7 Billion people on the face of the earth? I do.

40) He's got more important things to do that run my nylons, which run a lot

41) So I switched to black tights

42) I use to wonder why older European women always wore black tights

43) Now I know - even thought I'm American

44) I wore a size 8, just 8 years ago

45) Gosh, that's discouraging. Now I wear a size double elastic waist

46) I gained 25 pounds the first month I quit smoking

47) Everytime I try to diet I gain 10 pounds

48) Then I became pre-menosal. So if I wasn't menopausal before now, wasn't I still premenosal?

49) Then came the hot flashes. More weight gain.

50) My present age

51) While it is fodder for stand up comedy, I will weight 400 pounds by 2020. Zager and Evans didn't count on that.

52) Things I miss - wearing a bikini, wearing mini skirts, first kisses

53) I have never met my bestest friend. Never

54) I have several best friends. My husband, my mother, my daughter.

55) but Emma Rose is my Bestest friend.

56) She is like the other half of my sisterly soul

57) But we are way different and just alike

58) My sister is one of my best friends too, and so is my sister in law - they are awesome women

59) People I someday want to met face to face. Jesus. Emma Rose. Natalie R. and Peggy

60) They are awesome and inspire me.

61) I've been to Mexico, Germany, England, Scottland, the Netherlands, and France.

62) I want to go to Canada, Australia, and Ireland, and the others but not France.

63) Ducky has never traveled anywhere. LUCKY ME!

64) Don't buy Mickey D's in other countries. But definately have Spatzlè and Goulash Soup at the Hofbraü Haus in Munich

65) Or fish n' chips in Adebrugh

66) I like tofu.

67) But not as much as Tempeh

68) I have a basset hound

69) Arlo is the first dog to fetch consistantly for me

70) He weighs 70 pounds and thinks he's a lap dog - he is a great lap warmer.

71) Arlo is a great companion

72) I'm a left over sweetheart

73) George Winston serenaded me with his guitar. He played raindrops,
Bonèpart's Retreat, and darn a song I can't remember

74) It was my birthday

75) He didn't know it

76) My favorite group is Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

77) The best concert ever - the Eagles in Münich - I was suddenly homesick

78) I made a life long friend in Germany - Patty - she lives 8 hours from Rose

77) I miss my grandfather - he was very special - pipes make me think about him.

78) My eyes leak

79) I have two beautiful step daughters

80) I ♥ fresh brewed French Roast coffee

81) I hold it in my mouth and savor the flavor

82) I am a procrastinator

83) People don't believe this about me

84) I am incredibly shy. People don't believe this either

85) I can make myself do a lot of things.

86) But not if it involves snakes.

87) I can never be on Survivor or Fear Factor - until they have Survivor Ireland

88) I don't have a favorite movie

89) I have a lot of favorite books.

90) And even more favorite albums - don't minimize go with the whole disk

91) Music colours my life

92) The people who mean the most to me have songs that remind me of them

93) Even my childhood friends. I may not see my friends for decades, but they are ALWAYS in my heart and thoughts like we just parted - they are a song

94) I broke my foot parasailing - my tailbone playing softball - I've had three concussions all caused by animals.

95) I don't like talking on the telephone

96) The world is connected through email

97) I don't believe in prolonging a life outside of quality of life.

98) I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

99) I cuss like - well really bad. POTTY MOUTH. I try not to.

100) I want to be cremated.

101) My IQ is 124


Sister Mary Lisa said...


I really like your list here too! I may have to do something similar soon!

Sideon said...

It took me a morning to come up with six weird/interesting things about me. I don't know HOW long it would take to do a list of 100 things.

I am bowing to your greatness!